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Please fill out the following survey about the group exercises (also if you did not take part)

EXAM: exam_main_lma017.pdf SOLUTION SKETCHES: sol_exam_main.pdf (no guaranteee of correctness)

Re-exam and solutions 2021-01-04




Discord server: server (Place to get help/discuss with others. Used during tutorials for one-on-one consultation!).

Lecture/ exercise program, with video links: Lecture and exercise plan. (subject to change). All video links and lecture notes can be found here!

Information about the group exercises: Group assignments. Groups have been formed!

Practice exam: exam_ex.pdf. Solutions: sol_exam_ex.pdf (they will be discussed in the lecture on thursday 19/10, 08.15)

Additional material on the multidimensional derivative: Multidimensional_derivative.pdf. Solutions to the exercises: Solutions_to_exercises_multidimensional_derivative.pdf. (Neither have been professionally proofread, please report errors!)

Short guide for writing a mathematical text: writing_mathematics.pdf. Take a look before writing your first assignment!

A few problem solving exercises (covering the entire course): problem_solving_exercises.pdf. Anyone could take a look, but you should definitely do it if you aim for a five! More info in the announcement "Problem solving exercises + Group assignments". Solutions: problem_solving_exercises_sol.pdf

In the group assignments and the remote exam, follow the following referencing policy for using external resources: Reference rules.

Protocol from the midterm meeting: midterm_meeting.pdf

Program Week 8

This week, zoom-lectures will be held on tuesday and thursday

Number Theme(s) Section in course book
15 The Gauß (divergence) theorem 16.9
16 The exercise exam exam_ex.pdf / sol_exam_ex.pdf
17 Q and A Questions will be answered in the discord room!

Recommended exercises:

Demonstrations Self study
16.9:2 16.9: 3, 7,13,24
Revision chapter 16 True/False: 7

Demonstrations will be posted to youtube. Red exercises are probably a bit harder than average.

Course Summary:

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