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A short overview of the course is provided below. A detailed outline of the course can be found in the Modules page that you can access in the menu to the left. Each week has a different section in the Modules page. This section further contains information about all lectures, exercises and other events that will take place during the week. You can also find the  course pm here

Aim of course

The course aims at providing fundamental knowledge about the design and industrial application of turbomachinery. This involves developing an insight into applied thermodynamics and aerodynamics, as well as to apply this knowledge to a number of technology areas.

Learning Goals

  • Explain how turbomachinery is applied in various fields of power generation such as nuclear and combined cycle power plants, wind and hydropower engineering and process industry.
  • Formulate turbomachinery design criteria for a range of applications.
  • Carry out preliminary design of a range of turbomachines
  • Be able to apply commercial tools to outline more detailed turbomachinery design


The course aims at giving a broad introduction to the field of turbomachinery. This is primarily done by describing the work principle and underlying theory of a number of turbomachinery components. The equations describing the energy transfer between the fluid and the rotating component are applied to centrifugal and axial pumps, fans, axial compressors, gas and steam turbines, hydraulic turbines and wind turbines.

Contact details

Lecturer: Tomas Grönstedt, Fluid mechanics, 031-7721409,
Lecturer: Håkan Nilsson, Fluid mechanics, 031-7721414,

Lecturer: Hamid Abedih, Fluid mechanics, 031-772 1390, 
Course assistant, Daniel Lindblad, Fluid Mechanics, 031-7725078, 

Assistant, Olidan visit: Vinícius Tavares Silva, Fluid Mechanics,

Francis lab: Håkan Nilsson, Fluid Mechanics, 031-7721414,

CFD-lab. Assistant: Gonzalo Montero Villar, Fluid Mechanics, 


“Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery”, S. L. Dixon and C. Hall, 7th edition,

ISBN: 978-0-12-415954-9, available at the Cremona book shop for 529 SEK (as of 2019-08-19).
An E-book is also available (free of charge) at Science Direct

Please note that there are some typos in the book, an errata list can be found here: Errata-D&H


  1. Completed warm up exercise for Computer Lab - High Pressure Turbine Rotor Design - Compulsory
  2. Computer Lab - High Pressure Turbine Rotor Design - Compulsory
  3. Water Turbine Lab - Francis Turbine - Compulsory
  4. Study Visit - Olidan Water Turbine Power Plant - Compulsory
  5. Hand in problems (up to 10 bonus credits for written exam) - Voluntary
  6. Passing the written exam - Compulsory

The written exam consists of four calculation problems and two theory problems (total 60 credits with 24, 36, 48 as grading limits). One of the two theory problems in the exam is selected from this list: TME210-Theory-Questions-2019.pdf. The exam is an open book exam; that is the course book can be used when solving the problems. The theory part of the exam is closed book.



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