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EEN050 EEN050 Robust and nonlinear control lp1 HT20 (7.5 hp) over ZOOM

Course is offered by the department of Electrical Engineering

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Course purpose

In this course we first purport to develop controllers that explicitly deals with uncertainty and disturbance. We start with linear time invariant and parameter dependent models and aim at designing robust controllers. Second, we introduce nonlinear dynamics and related controller design methods that covers a wide range and practically important class of systems.

In 2020/21 LP1 all sessions will be given online via ZOOM following the previously published timetable. However, names for room/lecture hall numbers published at TimeEdit are not valid!

All ZOOM meetings are scheduled under CANVAS/ZOOM.

The first session (lecture) can be reached at:, Password: 2t632a

Course literature

S Skogestad, I Postlethwaite: Multivariable Feedback Control: Analysis and Design (Cremona, chapters covered 3,4,7,8,9 recommended 5,6)

HK Khalil: Nonlinear Systems, ISBN: 013228024-8, second edition (Cremona, chapters covered 1,3,4,10,12,13 recommended 2,5)

Course design

Course is decomposed into a series of lectures, problem solving, tutoring, and lab sessions.

  • lectures, twice a week
  • exercises, once a week
  • tutorial sessions, weekly once
  • laboratory work, one time during LP
  • assignmentss (3)

Lab is simulation based.

Changes made since the last occasion

Labwork: only up to exercise 6, i.e. the preparation part is mandatory and will be assessed during labtime

New assignment is introduced on LPV

Learning objectives and syllabus

  • Understand signals and systems sizes and explain the limitations of nominal Linear Time Invariant (LTI) control methods.
  • Identify and describe the most important uncertainty phenomena for SISO and MIMO LTI dynamical systems;
  • Formulate robust control objectives and understand methods for calculating them.
  • Apply the theory of gain scheduled control to reach robust objectives.
  • Understand the limitations of uncertain linear or parameter scheduled control systems. Analyse the stability properties of nonlinear systems;
  • Apply a few methods for nonlinear control system design and to assess the performance of the resulting design;
  • Use software tools for analysis and synthesis of nonlinear control systems, and to present and motivate their solution

Study plan

Examination form

  1. Satisfy course project requirements=(1) submitted and approved assignments (each group) AND (2) lab preparation and approval on labsession (grading UG, pass/fail, 3.5c).
  2. Pass written examination (4.0c). Exam: (check registration deadline! Registration is mandatory) October 27th, 2020, pm (Reexams in January and August 2021), grading: 3, 4, 5. ZOOM proctored remote examination.

Grading policy, content of written examination:
20 points with 0.5 resolution. Some theoretical 10-20% the rest exercise like problem solving questions. 10-20% challenging questions. Msc students, grade 3 collect 50% of points; grade 4 collect 60% of points; grade 5 collect 80% of points. Lic, PhD students, to pass collect at least 60% of points.

See for more details at ExamsPreview the document and sample/previous years exam questions under File/Exam/Old Exams.


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