Course syllabus

Laboratory Work and Exercises 

Microscopy LAB

The microscopy lab will be arranged in M1208 and M1211 rooms (M-building south end: pass straight on through the glass door when coming from Hörsalsvägen and go to the back. You will  see the room with the optical microscopes). Only 5 students will be allowed in one room where 5 microscopes are placed. Each student will have his own microscope to work on and will get only 1 hour to complete the task. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read the lab manual thoroughly before coming to the lab, so you have a basic understanding of the task. During the lab, the use of gloves and face masks will be mandatory.

GRANTA EduPack Exercise 

A GRANTA EduPack software with Manual will be uploaded in the course files once you will be done with that particular part of your course. You will be able to download the software and install it on your computer. Then, you can follow the manual to get familiar with different tools in the software. Either you can do it by yourself, or there will be a couple of online sessions on the 12th and 19th of October,  13:00-15:00. During the sessions, the instructor will help you if you will have difficulty understanding any of the exercises/tools in the software. 

The important part of this Granta EduPack exercise is a task given at the end of the manual which you need to solve by yourselves in pairs . You need to write and submit a report on the findings (you  can work in pair/smaller group and then you only have to submit one report, buth all names have to be on the report!). That report will be part of your final grade, so put an effort there. The last date of the report submission will be your exam date.


Examination form

There will be a written exam on the 28/10 in the afternoon (with Zoom monitoring). More information on the exam will come within short.

Course summary:

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