Course syllabus


SSY080 SSY080 Transforms, signals and systems lp1 HT20 (7,5 hp)

The course is given by the Department of Electrical Engineering 


Contact information

Silvia Muceli, (examiner and lecturer) 

Hjalmar Rosengren, (lecturer)  

Mohammad Ali Nazari, (teaching assistant) 


Course goals

The course will provide a basic knowledge of linear systems and how these can be used to describe effects in physical systems. Various mathematical tools for calculating the relationship between input signal and output signals of a linear system are taught.






Signal Processing and Linear Systems
     International Edition,  B.P. Lathi, Oxford Univ. Press


Instructional objectives

  • Identify and give examples of different types of signals such as periodic signals, energy signals and band-limited signals
  • Identify important system properties such as linearity, causality and stability
  • Select suitable transforms (Fourier series, continuous and discrete-time Fourier transform, Laplace transform, discrete Fourier transform and z-transform) for a given problem
  • Calculate the transform for common signals
  • Apply transform methods to solve the LTI equation y = h * x, both in continuous and discrete time
  • Identify the Nyquist frequency of a band-limited signal
  • Use the sampling theorem to reconstruct band-limited signals from sampled values
  • Interpret the DFT (Discrete Time Fourier Transform) graphs of sampled signals


Written examination


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