Course syllabus

Short description of the course

Engineering of Automotive Systems (TME122) is a course offered by the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences in the first quarter of the first year of the Master Programme for Automotive Engineering (MPAUT). The course is valid 7.5 credits, the possible grades are 5, 4, 3, not passed and the course is taught in English.

Aim of the course

The aim of this course is to provide the students with an insight on the main aspects to consider during the engineering design, manufacturing and evaluation process of automotive systems from the perspective of the customer, the vehicle manufacturer and the society.

Learning objectives and syllabus

  • Illustrate current and future solutions for the propulsion and transmission system of automotive vehicles.
  • Describe the vehicle dynamics and the elements of the chassis systems of automotive vehicles.
  • Detail the main aspects to consider for the design of the body of automotive vehicles. 
  • Explain the role of active and passive safety systems in automotive vehicles. 
  • Describe the manufacturing process of automotive vehicles. 
  • Recognize the relevance of economic and environmental aspects related to design and production of automotive vehicles.
  • Illustrate applications of control systems for the design of automotive vehicles.
  • Detail the importance of adhering to the code of ethics in the engineering profession.
  • Apply strategies to work in an internationally diverse environment.
  • Implement aspects of the design for powertrain, chassis and safety of vehicles.

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Ten hours a week are allocated for this course, either as lectures or as assignments:

  • 13:15-17:00 on Tuesdays
  • 13:15-17:00 on Thursdays
  • 13:15-15:00 on Fridays

The regular schedule can change in some occasions, as for example:

  • Week 41: there will be no lecture on Friday 9th of October (13:15-15:00), due to re-sit examination period.

Furthermore, study visits to industry plants are planned outside the course schedule, due to organizational constraints (visits are subject to cancellation, due to the COVID-19 outbreak):

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the course will be offered fully remotely, during the academic year 2020/21. However, students will have access to the computer rooms for the assignments. For each session of the assignments, several computer rooms have been booked, to ensure social distancing. For updated information about how education will be carried out at Chalmers during the first semester of the academic year 2020/21, please check the webpage

The schedule of the course is available at TimeEdit and in the CANVAS calendar. In the CANVAS calendar, are also posted the links for the remote lectures. The preliminary course schedule is also reported below (the lecture sessions are reported in black font, the assignment sessions in light blue font and the study visits sessions in red font).

Teaching team

  • Examiner: Giulio Bianchi Piccinini.
  • Lecturers: Becky Bergman, Giulio Bianchi Piccinini, Ingemar Johansson, Lucien Koopmans, Marco Dozza, Mathias Lidberg, Patrik Höstmad, Peter Krajnik, Pinar Boyraz Baykas, Robert Thomson, Simone Sebben, Åsa Fast-Berglund.
  • Teaching assistants: Alexandros Leledakis, Arun Kumar, Juliette Utbult, Pratheeba Chanda Nagarajan, Ron Schindler, Toheed Ghandriz.

Course literature

  • Reference material: Handouts from the lectures and journal papers will be available on-line on the course webpage on Pingpong. 

Changes made since the last occasion

  • Added to the schedule two lectures of the module “Internationalization and cultural diversity”.
  • Added to the schedule two lectures of the module “Control systems”.
  • Removed from the schedule one session with the teaching assistants, for each assignment.
  • Appointed new teachers for the module “Manufacturing process”.

Examination form

  • Assignments (40%), graded as Pass (G) or Fail (U).
  • Written exam (60%). graded as 5, 4, 3 or Fail (U). The written exam might be replaced by an oral exam if the number of registered students is small.
  • In order to get the final grade for the whole course, the students are required:
    • to pass all the assignments and the final exam.
    • to attend the mandatory lecture on "Honesty and integrity in report writing". In case they will not attend the class, the students will be requested to prepare a one-page reflection on the theme of plagiarism.

The final grade is based on the score resulting from the sum of the exam score and the bonus points acquired through the assignments. The bonus points will be assigned only if the score reached in the exam is above 20 points. The bonus points are only valid during the academic year in which they were awarded.

During the exam, you may use pens (not red), pencils (not red), erasers, rulers, language dictionaries (no electronic ones, no notes inside) and Chalmers type approved calculator.

Time and place for the examination will be posted on the student portal. Examples of previous exams are available on the course webpage on CANVAS.

Course summary:

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