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  • SSY130 Applied Signal Processing  Q2 Fall 2020 (7.5 hp)

Department of Electrical Engineering

The full course PM: ssy130_course_memo_2020.pdf


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Gantt Chart 2020

General consultation times:


JK: Jacob Klintberg. Swedish/English.
RS: Roman Sokolovskii. English. 
YG: Yu Ge. English.
EB: Ebrahim Balouji. English.

Links to the Zoom-rooms used for consultation can be found in the calendar. 

We encourage you to ask questions that are general and relevant for more students in the discussion forum.

Open office hour  

On Mondays 10-11 Tomas McKelvey have open Zoom office hour. You are welcome to drop by and ask questions ore give comments. Here is the office


Student representatives for the course

MPBME Niklas Bengtsson
MPSYS Therese Dahlberg
MPCOM José Miguel Mateos Ramos
MPCOM Athira Subha Venugopalan Nair
MPSYS Jiaming Zhao


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