Course syllabus

This exam is composed of one practical exercise and two discussion exercises. Below we present the rules of this exam:

  • The exam will be available on Jan 11th 8:00 am.
  • The exam should be hand-in by Jan 13th 8:00 am.
  • The exam is individual.
  • You CAN consult the course material, books and the internet for any of the questions. However, if there is a divergence in concepts (e.g. books or websites that have conflicting information) we will grade based on the course material
  • You should present original solutions and code to all questions and all reports will go through **urkund**.
  • Submit your all code appropriately commented at end of the report OR present each chunk as you answer the questions
  • Do NOT print screen the output of the command line of R (or any other software) in the report. E.g. if you need a table, create a table.
  • All figures and tables must be referenced in the text. Legends and captions must be readable. Figures and tables that are not readable will not be considered
  • Any concepts or definitions that you present should be appropriately referenced.
  • Discussion about the exam corrections will be conducted virtually upon request.
  • For questions email:
  • The exam is worth 72pt.
    • [0,36[ = Fail
    • [36, 46[ = 3 or G
    • [46, 62[ = 4 or G
    • [62, 72] = G or VG
  • Make sure you have a working R environment and access to eduroam (through a VPN for example) to access research papers.

The exam file will be available in the assignments at the specified date

Course summary:

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