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Master’s thesis TEKX08 (30hec) at the department of Technology Management and Economics (spring 2021)

Every master's programme is completed with a master's thesis work. The overall goal of the concluding degree project, which is an important part of the education programme, is to display knowledge and capability required for independent work as a Master of Science in Engineering, Architecture or Master of Science.

The master's thesis must be reported openly, in the form of a written report with an oral presentation and comprises 30 credits. The learning objectives for a master's thesis are formulated in the document “Instructions for theses, Master of Science in Engineering, Architecture and Master of Science Programmes

We have put together information about the master’s thesis process at the department of Technology Management and Economics for the students to get a better overview.


Overview of the process

Apply on the TME website

  • A description of thesis
  • Names and contact details of companies and supervisors at the company

TME returns to students with the names of assigned supervisor/examiner (goal before Christmas, latest before start of study period 3)

Presentation and opposition at Campus Johanneberg in May/June

  • The supervisor/examiner (TME) decide when the group is ready for presentation
  • Attendance at the presentation and defense of two other theses


The student group owns the process:
Suggesting and defining the topic, finding and reading literature, finding empirical examples and companies, setting up meetings, booking interviews, setting deadlines, formulating questions, writing drafts, presenting method and tentative results, checking out formalities, and continuously keep the supervisor informed about the progression of the work.

The supervisors support the process:
Answering questions, reading and commenting drafts, participating in meetings.

The examiner:
Approves the Master’s Thesis. 


The students must write a planning report providing a detailed description of the problem/task. The planning report must contain the background, purpose, objective, scope, method and timetable for completion of the thesis. The planning report is submitted to the examiner for approval.

Information about the planning report can be found at the Student Portal

Written report

  • The thesis must be written in English.
  • The cover, etc., of the thesis must be formulated according to the instruction and templates at "Design and Publish master Thesis" at Chalmers.
    A specific TME department cover template can be found under files at Canvas.
  • The thesis must be parsed using anti-plagiarism software (Urkund).
  • Chalmers' policies regarding open access and confidentiality apply to the work on the thesis.
  • The thesis must be published electronically in Chalmers Open Digital Repository (ODR) according to the applicable rules for electronic publication of theses at Chalmers.
  • In the thesis the division of work between the two students must be stated clearly.

Oral presentation – Organised by the supervisor/examiner and the students

At the end of the semester it is time for presentation and opposition of your master’s thesis. Read more in the “Instructions for theses…” C2016-0973, section 9.3-9.5.

The presentation and opposition of your thesis is something you organize together with your examiner (and supervisor) when you are close to finalizing your work.

To set a date, time and to book a room please contact your examiner.

The students are responsible of finding opponents for their own work.

In order to be able to present you need to get an approval by your examiner.

  • The students need the examiners approval to defend their thesis. This approval should not be based on time but on quality of the thesis.
  • The oral presentation begins with the students describing their work. This is followed by a defense of their findings, guided by the opposing examiners (other students), and a discussion.
  • The oral presentation must be made in English. This presentation may not take more than 60 minutes, of which approximately 1/3 of the time should be devoted to a defense of the thesis and discussion.
  • After the discussions, examiners give their feedback and comments.
  • At the time of the oral presentation, the written thesis must be completed but not published. This is to make it possible to include viewpoints that arise during the oral presentation to be incorporated into the thesis.
  • The oral presentation, including a defense of the thesis, must be done at Chalmers. Any additional presentations can be made at a company or other external organisation, if necessary. In exceptional cases, for example, if thesis research has been conducted abroad, the examiner may grant a dispensation from the requirement for an oral presentation, defense of the findings in the thesis and presence at other presentations at Chalmers.
  • The presentation of the thesis must be announced at the department at least two weeks prior to the date of the presentation.


For a thesis to be approved, the following stages must be completed:

  • An approved planning report
  • An approved thesis
  • An approved presentation and defense of the thesis
  • Approved opposition of another thesis
  • Attendance of the presentation and defense of two other theses

Final phase

The students upload their finished report at Canvas where it is checked for plagiarism (Urkund). The examiner reviews the analysis from Urkund.

When the thesis is approved by the examiner and the student has submitted a complete work card to the administrator the result will be reported into Ladok. The administrator will upload the report into Chalmers Open Digital Repository (ODR).

Important dates master's thesis

The end of May – beginning of June: the presentation and opposition. This is organized together with your examiner (and supervisor) when you are close to finalizing your work.

The end of May - beginning of June: time to submit the thesis at Canvas for plagiarism check. This should be approved and communicated with the examiner and the supervisor.

June 15: Last day possible of the term for presentation and opposition.


A course room is created at Canvas called "Master's thesis in Technology management and economics TEKX08" where all students, supervisors and examiners are added.

Information from the department will be posted as announcements at Canvas.


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