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ARK600 ARK600 History, theory and method 3 lp3 VT21 (3 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Contact details

Examiner and main tutor: Jonas Lundberg |

Course purpose

The course furthers the students' knowledge in the history, theory or critical studies of architecture and urban design. It explores specific theoretical trajectories that shape current issues in the field. It trains the students' ability to use source texts as a basis for formulating a position, argument and/ or research query. 



Course literature

All the mandatory readings are available on-line and link are published in relationship to each writing assignment. 

Course design

The course consists of a series of lectures and seminars that contextualizes and discusses course readings. With the aid of these seminars, and in dialogue with the instructor, students formulate a topic for their final paper. The final paper should be an academic text, complete with references and a bibliography. For the full course program including a detail calendar and schedule please see: ARK 600 Emergent Media & Representation 2021 

The course runs in parallel with design studios / project courses and meets 4-5 times before the end of the semester. The course description and its context are introduced in an introductory lecture. Learning is structured around reading assignments and seminars or lectures. Deliverables are defined at the outset of the course through readings, assignments and presentations as well as through a final paper. Students work individually. 

All course communication is on CANVAS and is also available on Box where all student submissions are uploaded.

There is one final deadline for all written submissions in May. All late submissions will be reviewed but the results are not published until September unless something else has been agreed with the examiner Jonas Lundberg.

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Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

Knowledge and understanding
Demonstrate an understanding of a particular theoretical trajectory in architecture and urban design.

Abilities and skills
Understand and analyze arguments laid out in theoretical texts.
Use theoretical texts as basis for formulating a position or query.
Appropriately use citation, references and bibliography.

Ability of assessment and attitude
Promote the value (and joy!) of history, theory, and method in architecture.
Critically relate their own writing and arguments in the course to larger issues or questions in architecture and urban design, as outlined in the brief. 

Link to the syllabus on Studieportalen.

Study plan

Examination form

Students are required to participate actively in a minimum of 80% of the seminars. The text seminar presentation and the presentation of the paper also forms part of the final mark. Each student paper is reviewed and graded after submission at the end of the semester.

Course summary:

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