Course syllabus


ENM096 ENM096 Future renewable based power systems lp1 HT21 (7.5 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Electrical Engineering

Contact details

Examiner: Sara Fogelström,, 031-772 16 62

Sara Fogelström,, 031-772 16 62
Ola Carlson,
Christophe Demaziere,
David Steen,
Tünde Fülöp,
Claes Eskilsson,
Jan-Olof Dalenbäck,
Peiyuan Chen,
Anh Tuan Le,
Jimmy Ehnberg,

Project work supervisors:
Sindhu Kanya Nalini Ramakrishna,
Nima Mirzaei Alavijeh,
Jian Zhao,
Qian Xun,

Laboratory supervisors:
Bown Jiang, (PV lab)
Ola Carlson, (Wind lab)

Course purpose

The goal of the course is to give the students knowledge about how the power system is designed today and how the power system of the future will need to be, when only using renewable power sources. The understanding of the grid interaction of the renewable power sources and flexible consumers is also an important goal. The course will also give an overview of market operation, with a Nordic perspective. The course aims to provide the students with advanced and state-of-the-art developments in wind and solar power, dwelling both on the theoretical foundation as well as building a good practical and experimental basis. There will also be a short outlook at other renewable and carbon free power sources such as wave power, fusion and nuclear power. 



Note that you should not attend all times for computer exercises and labs. You will be divided into groups, more information below.

Course literature

The course has no mandatory literature, but below you can find further reading materials:

Compendium “Wind Power – A Renewable Energy Source in Time” by Kristin Bruhn, Sofia Lorensson, Jennie Svensson.
Compendium in “Power Quality of Wind Turbine Generating Systems and their Interaction with the Grid” by Åke Larsson.

The compendia will be available in Canvas.

Course design

The course content is:

  • Lectures
  • Project work in Matlab in wind, hydro and power system
  • Project work in Ashes in mechanical wind power
  • 2 labs: solar and wind. The wind lab will be combined with a study visit at Chalmers wind turbine.
  • Scientific work: write report and present

Lectures will be held on Mondays and Thursdays.

Hybrid teaching: most lectures will be both on campus and on zoom.
Max 50 students are allowed in the lecture rooms, the rest will have to attend by zoom. Therefore you will be divided into 3 groups. A schedule for when which groups can attend lectures on campus will be found at Canvas (Weekly planning). You can find which group you belong to under People>Groups>Lectures at Canvas.

Some lectures will only be on Zoom.

Project works

The project works are computer exercises (pass/fail). These should be done in groups of two. The course consists of five project works: Hydro, Wind mech, Wind 1, Wind 2 and Power system. The project works will be available here at Canvas.

Each project work has a deadline, please present your work before each deadline.

There will be four groups of students. Each group have two computer exercises per week.
Detailed scheduled can be found under Modules>Course information 

You have to sign up in Canvas to one of the groups: A, B, C or D. This can be done under People>Groups>Project works in Canvas. If there will be more than 38 students at a computer exercise, only those in the right group will be allowed to stay.


There are two labs in the course: solar (PV) lab and wind lab. The wind lab will be combined with a study visit at Chalmers wind turbine. For the wind lab, you are expected to go to the turbine by yourself. More detailed information about the turbine and how to get there will be available under Course information here at Canvas. The PV lab will be held in the course lab at Electric power engineering. The address is Hörsalsvägen 11, take the first door to the left, up the stairs and it's the big room to the left.

Lab-pms for both labs will be available here at Canvas.

You need to register to both labs. This will be done by choosing a time slot for each lab under People>Groups in Canvas.

Scientific work

The scientific work should be done in groups by two. You will be put into groups for this work. Each group can freely choose an interesting subject within Future renewable based power system and write a short report (5-10 pages). The work should also be presented in a 10 minute oral presentation (5 minutes/person) at the end of the course. More detailed instructions for the report can be found here in Canvas.

Report you chosen subject to me, by e-mail, before the 15th of September. The written report should be uploaded to Canvas at the 17th of October at the latest.

Time slots for the presentations will be made available under People>Groups at Canvas, there you can choose one that suits you and your partner.


There will be a written exam (3-5) at the end of the course. The exam will be an ordinary written exam (not online). 
To be approved in the course you need to pass the exam, write and present the scientific work, carry out the labs and get approved project works.