Course syllabus


TME265 TME265 Preparatory course in Matlab lp1 HT21 (3 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Contact details

Lecturer and Examiner: Håkan Johansson, Division Dynamics, Floor 3, M-building, Hörsalsvägen 7A. Phone: 031-772 8575, email:

Course purpose

The aim of the course is to give students with no previous experience of Matlab sufficient skills to independently solve programming problems in courses at masters level in the Mechanical Engineering field.

Regarding tuition fees, this course is one of such "introduction course" highlighted in section 3.2.1 in "REGULATIONS FOR PAYMENT OF TUITION FEES". (Links to an external site.)

"An introductory course for degree programme students comprising a maximum 3 credits may be included without extra tuition fees."




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Course literature

There is no specific literature required for this course. However, one of the following books (or other) can be a good investment (if time is spent working with them). They can be found on internet book sites and student book shops in the city. Possibly also at the Campus book shop.

Attaway: Matlab a practical introduction to programming and problem solving. A quite in-depth and extensive book, but well-structured.

Moore: Matlab for Engineers. Gives a thorough basis for Matlab programming, and could be used for a full course.

Hahn & Valentine: Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientist. Another book of the same style.

If you have or find another book, feel free to contact the lecturer.

Course design

The preparatory course in Matlab programming is intended for new Master's students on the programmes MPAME, MPAUT, MPPDE, MPPEN, MPSES, MPNAV, MPAEM, MPSEB. It is open for all Master's students, but is primarily aimed at students with no prior experience in Matlab (students from Chalmers have generally knowledge far beyond the level we reach in this course).

The course will consist of a series of sessions, one per week, mixture of lecture and exercises, see schedule. During the sessions, the students are given time to work on their own. Some additional own study time to complete suggested exercises can be expected.

In addition to the series of computer sessions, a self-study material comprising videos, text and exercises is available using the edX platform.

Changes made since the last occasion

The content and scope of the course is unchanged. Some practical adaptation due to current covid regulations.

Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

  • Use Matlab as a tool to solve and numerically analyze engineering problems in subsequent courses.
  • Develop own programs from problem descriptions.
  • Interpret and extend existing Matlab programs.
  • Learn more by actively using Matlab in other situations.

Link to the syllabus on Studieportalen.

Study plan

If the course is a joint course (Chalmers and Göteborgs Universitet) you should link to both syllabus (Chalmers and Göteborgs Universitet).

Examination form

The grading of the course is based on an individual home exam. Based on an overall assessment of the solutions to home exam problems, a pass or fail grade is given. The home exam takes place 8-10 Oct 2021. No re-exam is scheduled. To receive a passing grade, 75% of total available points are needed, although an overall assessment can give passing grade for lower score. A partially solved problem receives partial score.

The home exam should be done individually. Students are not allowed to receive help, to discuss or to reveal your solutions to anyone else. All submitted solutions will be compared to reveal copying or collaborations.

In addition, a voluntary home assignment can be carried out during the course and be counted as part of the home exam. Such assignment is to be developed by the student her/himself (or in a group of max 2 students) and summarized in an informal report. See the respective module for more info.


Course summary:

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