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Omtentamen August 23:th, 14:00-18:00. Maskinhuset, Johanneberg.  
   Facit: TDA362 Computer Graphics Exam 2022-08-23 facit.pdf  


Review ("Granskning") of exams: 
12:00, Febr. 22:nd,  room 4116, 4:th floor, west corridor, EDIT-building.

The exam will take place in Maskinhuset!
(In Maskinhuset, there will be signs showing which exact halls/rooms are allocated for the computer-graphics exam).
Date: 2022-01-14, Friday, 8:30 - 12:30. Johanneberg.

Answers on the most recent exam: TDA362 Computer Graphics Exam 2022-01-14 - facit.pdf 

Last year's recorded lectures can now also be found via this link

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Labs: We prefer that you do the labs at home. But we have lab rooms for you if necessary. More information here:
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• Roc Ramon:
• Claudio Pannacci:
• Oliver Karmetun:
• Hannes Erikson:
• Edvin Leidö:
• Henrik Valter:

Course representatives (for anonymous course feedback):
TKITE Elias Kjellberg Carlson
MPIDE Alexander Larsson Vahlberg
MPHPC Haowei Liao
MPHPC Simon Sundqvist
MPIDE Chunbo Wang

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