Course syllabus

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Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and explain the fundamentals of propagation of acoustic waves in air, fundamentals of room acoustics, hearing and voice, spatial sound perception, planning & design for good room acoustics (absorbers, reflectors, and diffusers), waves in solid media, sound radiation and generation, building acoustics, loudspeakers and microphones.
  • Apply the basic knowledge of audio and acoustics to achieve solutions for practical audio and acoustics problems.
  • Understand and apply the mathematical tools to solve engineering problems in sound propagation and electroacoustic systems.
  • Understand and explain the working mechanisms of electroacoustic transducers such as microphones and loudspeakers.
  • Recommend changes in electroacoustic systems including transducers such as microphones and loudspeakers.
  • Solve problems in audio engineering that relate to the choice of appropriate room acoustics for homes, studios, and simple auditoria.
  • Understand the significance of acoustic quality measures and human response acoustic signals.


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