Course syllabus

SSY267 Advanced topics in biomedical engineering LP1 HT23 (7.5 hp)


Course organization

The course work is organized in projects. Each project consists of 2-4 students that perform their work together with a supervisor. In each project contains the following parts:

• Literature review. You search for relevant research papers in the field of the project, analyze and evaluate the content. You summarize and obtain knowledge of the field in general and describe the state-of-the art in the field.

• Project implementation. Together with the supervisor, you define the project content/goal and agree on the method to be used. You plan and perform the project independently, and you analyze and evaluate the results.

• Report writing. The report should consists of an introduction, state-of-art, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.  The report can be in a standard (but concise, maximum 8 pages) report or in form of a scientific paper (3 or 4 pages). The report is due 28/10.  

• Oral presentation. Present your work orally in a workshop. The oral presentation is scheduled on 24th of October. 

Learning outcome

After the course the student should be able to:

  • Describe state of the art in the sub-area of biomedical engineering selected for study
  • Show deep knowledge in the sub-area of biomedical engineering selected for study
  • Independently perform a research prestudy, in the form of a limited research assignment.
  • Independently analyze the results from the study and evaluate the potential of the proposed research project.
  • Utilise skills and knowledge from a variety of subjects for investigating a complex question, problem or challenge



The course is graded on an individual basis. The individual grade is based mainly on the group's performance but also on the individual's performance.

The grading will be based on the following elements with different weights

Elements / scale factor
Project implementation / 1
Subject knowledge / 1
Report / 5
Presentation / 2
Project result / 1

You will be asked to hand in an individual contribution report and you may also be asked to judge the performance of the other students in your project. 

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