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VTA141 Electroacoustics lp1+lp2 HT23 (7.5 hp)

Course is provided by the Division of Applied Acoustics at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Find the course PM here.

Contact details

Lecturer: Jens Ahrens, phone: 772-2210, email:

Course purpose

The purpose of this course is to give the students insight into the challenging and expanding field of audio. Of primary interest are the properties of electroacoustical transducers. Examples of such are microphones based on different conversion principles with various directional characteristics. Another important example is the electrodynamic driver and we will study how the low and high frequency responses are affected by the design of the loudspeaker enclosure.

We will introduce acoustical, mechanical, and electronic analogies, which constitute a powerful tool for linking the different domains. We’ll also look into stereo and surround sound reproduction and the psychoacoustics related to it. The course wraps up with an introduction to loudspeaker and microphone arrays.


Find the course schedule here. All lectures, exercises, and lab work take place at the lecture hall of the Division of Applied Acoustics at Sven Hultins gata 8A. Contact the instructors if you have not explicitly been given access to the building.

Course literature

Download all materials from the course website. Contact the instructors to obtain the password.

Course design

Lectures, in-class exercises, and 1 lab assignment according to the table of contents in the course PM. The lab will take place in tba.

Please use email or personal communication to communicate with the instructors.

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Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

  • Design electroacoustic transducers such as microphones and loudspeakers using electroacoustic analogies
  • Design and use of loudspeakers
  • Use of up to-date measurement system to determine the electroacoustic properties of electrodynamic devices

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A typical exam consists of 1–2 essay tasks and 4–5 problems (5–6 in total). Correct answers/solutions are awarded 5 points. The following aids are allowed at the test: Mathematical tables, electronic calculators without text memory and our list of equations for the course (without self-written notes). A minimum of 12 points is required for a passing grade, as well as approved lab work.

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