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DAT295 / DIT669 Autonomous and cooperative vehicular systems lp2 HT19 (7.5 hp)

The course is offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Learning objectives:

Knowledge and understanding Demonstrate knowledge in robotics, their control, and/or communication systems with an emphasis on hands-on experience with their construction, their programming, and insights into current research and development in the area.

Skills and abilities Demonstrate the ability to develop and design computer control and distributed algorithms, programs, and network protocols, which are adapted to the needs and capacities of road users, and which meet the societal requirements of sustainable development in social and ecological terms. Demonstrate the ability to work in teams and to collaborate in groups with different constitutions and backgrounds. Demonstrate the ability to plan an engineering task and to report on its progress and project achievements.

Judgment and approach Demonstrate the ability to plan an engineering task and give a clear account of his/her and the team's achievements, and conclusions in a way that is supported both orally and in writing while addressing different engineering audiences.

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Clarification: this year, we are substituting some of the lectures with meetings to support the write-up of the proposals and the final reports.  




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