Course syllabus

DAT151 / DIT231 Programming language technology lp2 HT23 (7.5 hp)

This course is offered by the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

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Contact details

Andreas Abel, examiner, course responsible, and lecturer.

Assistant teachers:

Course purpose

Learn how to implement programming languages, in particular, parsing using grammars, type-checking, interpretation, and compilation.  Study the mathematical foundations, such as automata for lexing, shift-reduce parsers, typing rules, operational semantics, abstract machines, and compilation schemes.  For further information, see Studieportalen.


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Changes made since the last occasion

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Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

  • define the lexical structure of programming languages by using regular expressions, explain the functioning of finite automata, and implement lexical analyzers by using standard tools;
  • define the syntax of programming languages by using context-free grammars, explain the principles of LL and LR parsing, and implement parsers by using standard tools;
  • define and implement abstract syntax;
  • master the technique of syntax-directed translation and its efficient implementation in their chosen programming language;
  • formulate typing rules and implement type checkers;
  • formulate operational semantic rules and implement interpreters;
  • write simple code generators;
  • be familiar with the basic implementation issues of both imperative and functional languages;
  • use unification to implement polymorphic type checking;
  • use closures to implement functional programming languages.

Link to the syllabus Chalmers.
Link to the syllabus GU (PDF).

Examination form

  1. "Pass" on all 4 assignments (labs).
  2. Written hall exam, determines the grade.

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