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Review (Granskning) of exam April 5:th: contact me to book a time slot if you want to review your exam. Answers: TDA362 Computer Graphics Exam - 2024-04-05 - official facit.pdf

Review (Granskning) of exam:  Jan 31:th , 12:00, room 4471. EDIT-building, 4:th floor, at corner of west and north corridor. 

Exam: Friday Jan 12:th, 8:30-12:30. Johanneberg. Building: SB3. Room: SBMultisal. Map.

Answers: TDA362 Computer Graphics Exam - 2024-01-12-official facit.pdf

Lecture Tuesday 14/11 cancelled due to illness. 

Zoom recording from lecture 2023-11-03: recording-unedited (350MB)

Slack channel for your labs:

This course mainly uses the external home page. The reason is that we often have external students who has problems reaching Canvas. I also want all the latest course material (slides, lecture recordings, lab code, etc) to be available to you in your working life, many years after you graduated. This also makes the content easy accessible via search engines (Google etc).

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Pre-recorded lectures from previous years (only for your convenience) can be found via this link


TDA362 / DIT224 TDA362 / DIT224 Computer graphics lp2 HT23 (7.5 hp).
Course is offered by the department of Computer Science and Engineering

Contact details

  • Examiner + main teacher: Ulf Assarsson
  • Extra teacher + main lab supervisor: Erik Sintorn <> 
  • Lab supervisors: Oliver Karmetun <>,  Pascal Walloner <>,  Mingxiao Jiang <>,   Felix Schulze <>, Björn Forssén <>
  • Student representants: Faton Hoti <>, Samuel Kyletoft <>, image.png

Course purpose: The purpose of the course is for the students to acquire an increased understanding of 3D graphics algorithms and 3D programming, as well as knowledge of the most important concepts in the subject. Together with the Advanced Computer Graphics course, the package should prepare the students for being developers in the graphics industry and/or performing research in 3D graphics .

Schedule:  TimeEdit and Schedule (topics) 
Course literature:  see here.  Reading guidelines for the course book: see here (below the schedule).
Course design: Two-three lectures per week (see schedule). 7 labs in total (see tutorials). Written exam at end of course. See external course home page for all details.
Changes made since the last occasion:  Only very minor updates in a few lecture slides.

Learning objectives:

  • describe the fundamental algorithms and processes used to create computer graphics in 3D-games and movies.
  • utilize the functionality of dedicated hardware support for graphics through programming interfaces.
  • implement efficient algorithms to generate 2-dimensional images from 3-dimensional models.
  • implement algorithms to generate real-time renderings and photo realistic renderings.

Syllabus: on Studieportalen: Study plan CTHStudy plan GU

Examination form:
  •   Written exam (not digital). Grading scale CTH: U, 3, 4, 5. GU: U, G, VG.  Final grade is based on the written exam. Exam times - see here. The written exam test the theoretical abilities. No aids allowed except pen and paper (and dictionary).
  •   Laborations. Tutorial 1-7. Grading scale: Pass (G), Fail (U). The laborations are required to pass the course.
 More lab info here. The labs provide and test the practical abilities.

Course summary:

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