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PPU010 Computer aided industrial design (CAID) (7.5 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Industrial and Materials Science

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Course purpose

The course aims to provide knowledge and skills in modeling, visualization and presentation in 3D CAID / CAD systems



Course literature

Course material will be available for download from Canvas in conjunction with the lectures!

Course design

This course will be based on partly scheduled, supervised tutoring and practical exercises. Theory and practical exercises will be mixed.

Knowledge and skills gained during the course are applied on smaller mandatory projects and a final project.


week day time date   Activity  Teacher Level  Hand ins
1 (44) Monday 13:15 30-okt 4h introduction, fundamentals, Interface   L1  
  Wednesday 10.00 01-nov 2h introduction, fundamentals, Interface      
  Thursday 08.00 02-nov 4h introduction/modeling with curves and surfaces   L2  
  Friday   03-nov   No lecture      
2 (45) Monday 13:15 06-nov 4h Modeling with curves and surfaces      
  Wednesday 10.00 08-nov 2h Modeling with curves and surfaces      
  Thursday 08.00 09-nov 4h Modifying surfaces   L3  
  Friday 15:15 10-nov 2h Modifying surfaces     L1+L2
3 (46) Monday 13:15 13-nov 4h Modifying surfaces Felix    
  Wednesday 10.00 15-nov 2h work on your own      
  Thursday 08.00 16-nov 4h Modifying surfaces Felix    
  Friday 15:15 17-nov 2h work on your own      L3 - speaker
4 (47) Monday 13:15 20-nov 4h Modifying surfaces , Visualization      
  Wednesday 10.00 22-nov 2h Modifying surfaces , Visualization      
  Thursday 08.00 23-nov 4h Modifying surfaces , Visualization      
  Friday 15:15 24-nov 2h Modifying surfaces , Visualization      L3 - Viz document
5 (48) Monday 13:15 27-nov 4h Surface continuity   L4  
  Wednesday 10.00 29-nov 2h Surface continuity      
  Thursday 08.00 30-nov 4h Surface continuity    
  Friday 15:15 01-dec 2h Surface continuity    
6 (49) Monday 13:15 04-dec 4h Digital sketching and realtime presentation   L5  
  Wednesday 10.00 06-dec 2h Digital sketching and realtime presentation,
Start of the final project!
  Thursday 08.00 07-dec 4h project time     L4
  Friday 15:15 08-dec 4h Project time      
7 (50) Monday 13:15 11-dec 4h Project time      
  Wednesday 10.00 13-dec 2h Project time     project
  Thursday 08.00 14-dec 4h Project time - presentation (Mandatory)      

Changes made since the last occasion

All the pdf material are going to be up to date! New updated software.

All the lectures are live in the computer lab Mt-td

Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

  • Apply and demonstrate basic skills in 3D modeling in CAID - systems
  • Apply and demonstrate basic skills in visualization CAID - systems
  • Create, evaluate and propose and implement changes where individual elements of a CAID system in a structured way.

Link to the syllabus on Studieportalen.

Study plan

Examination form

The examination will be based on an active participation (and presence) in class in addition to concluded and reported projects, specified in the course and a small exam (Dugga!)

The course will end with a final assignment that will be presented 2023-12-14


Course summary:

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