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This page contains the program of the course. Other information, such as learning outcomes, teachers, literature and examination, are in a separate course PM. In addition to Canvas, we shall use CampusWire for Q&A as a way for both students and teachers to ask and reply on questions that come up. During the introductory meeting we will send out an invitation link to all students to participate in the CampusWire virtual classroom.


In this course you will learn about various concepts, techniques, and tools for visualization of scientific data in both 2 and 3 dimensions. The GU course code is MMG640. The Chalmers course code is MVE080. The schedule of the course is in TimeEdit - just search for the course code. There is a seamless integration between lectures and computer labs. Therefore, all teaching will take place in the computer rooms MV:F24-25.

Preliminary course outline (modified throughout the course):

PART 1: 2D VISUALIZATIONS - Lecturer : Sebastian Persson
This part is based on the on-line book Fundamentals of Data Visualization by Claus O. Wilke, the on-line ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis by Hadley Wickham and a recent review article The science of visual data communication: What works by Franconeri et al. We will use the grammar of graphics Python library plotnine, which is based on ggplot2. Hence when googling for help you can search for both ggplot and plotnine.

After each lecture I will upload the slides, code used to produce the visuals, and relevant datasets.

This part is based on the combination of Blender 3D and Python for scripting.

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