Course syllabus


The course is offered by the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Please read the full Course PM for ACE355 Colour and light in spatial contexts lp3 VT24 (5 hp).

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The schedule can be found on TimeEditand a schedule with hand-ins and contents for the course can be found in the course PM. You can also find a summary of the schedule for the course here.

Note that we always start at 9.00 but the rooms are booked from 8.00 if you wish to start working earlier. The course has 15 full days between 9.00 and 17.00 in lp3.


Contact details

Examiner: Monica Billger, Architectural Theory and Method division, ACE, 0706-931316

Course Leader: Greta Faxberg, Building Design, ACE,


External guest lecturers

  • Magnus Österbring, NCC, Research and Innovation coordinator.
    Seminar on daylight caculations and regulations and supervise an assignment.
  • Clara Fraenkel, White Arkitekter, Architect SAR/MSA and Lightning Designer MSc.
    Seminar on urban planning for dark hours focused on outdoor lighting.


Examination form

Examination form

Students are required to participate actively in a minimum of 80% of the seminars, workshops and lectures. It is compulsory to hand in the paper, and all the required delivieries from seminars and workshops. Opposition on each others papers at the final seminar is compulsory. This is the base for passing the course.

Below you can see the deliveries for each learning activity and how the quality of the delivery is weighted in the grading:

Learning activities


Examination weight for grading

PERCIFAL field studies


Survey of one outdoor and one indoor space

5 %

4 Theme Lectures

Reflection (learnings, reflections and questions raised ) - menti or hand-in 1/2 page

5 %

2 Literature seminars

Active participation, present readings and contribute to hand-in of collective reflection


Paper production workshops


Active participation in paper production workshops (ca 6-8 people per group)

·       Hand-in of assignment/paper. Further instructions in Couse PM. 

·       Hand-in at Canvas - the deadline is set for peers to be able to review the paper. A list of whom you will review will be provided.

Supervisors will attend parts of or full seminars.


Final seminar

Opposition of 2 papers (1st/2nd) +  own presentation


Submission of final paper

Hand in final paper



Course summary:

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