Course syllabus


>>>> Introduction meeting for students: 15th of Jan, between 10-12, in SB-H8 and on Zoom <<<<

>>> Deliver a final project plan for the exhibition on the 12th of January, deadline 12.00, There will be a folder in the reception on the 3rd floor where you can leave it. <<<

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ACEX35 Master's thesis in Architecture lp3 VT23 (30 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

See separate course-PM for further details and information. 

Contact details

Course Organiser - Jessica Lundin 
+46 701 45 3628 

Maja Kovacs


Administration contacts:
Nidal Yousif
Susanne Pettersson

Course purpose

The aim of the thesis is for the student to develop in-depth knowledge, understanding, ability and approaches within the parameters of the education. The thesis shall be produced at the end of the education and lead to a deepening and synthesis of previously acquired knowledge. The thesis shall emphasise the technical, scientific and artistic content of the Master of Science in Architecture. The overall aim of the thesis is for the student to demonstrate the knowledge and ability required for autonomous work as Master of Science in Architecture.

See course PM for further details.



See Course PM for detailed schedule + follow Canvas Schedule

Important: See announcements for information from course leader and modules where schedules for each seminar will be uploaded throughout the semester. 


Course design

The master’s thesis consists of the following obligatory opportunities, see below. Additional to these are tutorials and extra evaluations points, specified in each direction.

    • Introduction meeting for students: 15th of Jan, between 10-12
    • Start-up meeting with direction: 16/17th of January. Examiners will contact students with specific information and invitation.
    • Pre-mid-term information meeting for students: 28th of February, between 10-12
    • Mid-term seminar: 8th-13th of March. (35min /project)
    • Pre-Final/Open Seminar information meeting for students: 26th of April, between 10-12
    • Booklet Hand-In: 7th of May
      The booklets are to be uploaded on Canvas for plagiarism check by examiners. Note that the booklet should be 90% completed.
    • Final seminar: To be held during 13-15th of May. (45 min /project)
    • Open seminar and Exhibition: Open seminars are held 27th - 29th of May.
    • Final hand-in for students: 7th of June

Further information will be provided in course-PM and during start of semester.

If you have any questions please contact Jessica or Maja.

Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

The learning objectives for a thesis are based on the objectives for Master of Science in Architecture formulated in Chalmers local Masters degree procedures. (Diarienummer: C 2016-1079).
Specific learning objectives that are to be fulfilled in the masters thesis are that the student should be able to:
- in their project use essential in-depth knowledge of the major subject/field of study and, in a scientifically correct way, relate to current research and development work;
- choose and state ones reasons for selecting their project method with respect to the major subject/field of study;
- contribute to research and development work, and be able to relate their work to relevant scientific or technical/industrial/architectonic contexts;
- based on a holistic view, critically, independently and creatively identify, formulate and deal with complex issues;
- plan and, with adequate methods, carry out qualified tasks within the designated framework and also be able to evaluate this work;
- create, analyse and critically evaluate different technical/architectonic solutions;
- critically and systematically integrate knowledge;
- present and discuss their conclusions as well as the knowledge and arguments these are based upon both in spoken and written English; 
- within the framework for the specific project, identify which issues need to be addressed for relevant societal, ethical and ecological factors to be observed, and
- observe and discuss ethical aspects of research and development work, both pertaining to how the work is carried out as well as what it explores/develops;
- identify and discuss needs for further elucidation of different project aspects before decision-making or project realisation, when relevant
Upon completion of the degree work, the student shall have demonstrated such knowledge and ability as are required to work independently as a Master of Architecture / Master of Science.

Link to the syllabus on Studieportalen.

Study plan


Examination form

The master’s thesis is given the grade of Pass or Fail.
The following are required for the award of the grade Pass;

●  An approved project plan

●  An approved thesis in the format of a booklet.

●  An approved oppositions of another fellow student ́s thesis at a Midterm Seminar, and light opposition at an open seminar.

●  Secretary at one master’s thesis presentations at a Midterm Seminar.

●  Attendance at four additional seminar both at the Midterm, Final and Open Seminar presentations.

●  A presentation, a version of the booklet, exhibition material, an abstract, should be delivered during the Midterm, Final and Open seminar.

●  An approved presentation and defence of the thesis at a Final Seminar

●  Delivery of the approved report digitally and in two printed copies

If you are late with deadlines, or do not deliver according to instructions, you will not be allowed to present your material.

Course summary:

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