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Welcome to the course homepage of DAT262/DIT848 V19 Model-based Testing.

The course is given by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Campus Lindholmen during Study Period 4, 2019. You find information about the course below.

Examiner & Course Coordinator

Robert Feldt (

Teaching Assistant

Jan Schröder (

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Course Syllabus Chalmers

Literature list

  • M. Utting & B. Legeard (2010) Practical model-based testing: a tools approach. Elsevier, 2010. (main course book)
  • A. Zeller et al (2018) "Generating Software Tests",
  • G. Fraser & M. Rojas (2018), "Software Testing", chapter in upcoming book, available online
  • M. Utting, A. Pretschner & B. Legeard (2012). "A taxonomy of model‐based testing approaches." Software Testing, Verification and Reliability 22.5 (2012): 297-312.
  • R. Feldt and S. Poulding (2013), "Finding Test Data with Specific Properties via Metaheuristic Search", ISSRE 2013.
  • K. Claessen & J. Hughes (2011) "QuickCheck: a lightweight tool for random testing of Haskell programs." Acm sigplan notices 46.4 (2011): 53-64.
  • K. Claessen, N. Smallbone & J. Hughes (2010). "QuickSpec: Guessing formal specifications using testing." International Conference on Tests and Proofs. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010.
  • D. Amalfitano et al (2015). "MobiGUITAR: Automated model-based testing of mobile apps." IEEE software 32.5 (2015): 53-59.


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Tobias Foughman Lind
Arjun Krishna Murthy
Supriya Supriya
Rasti Tengman Mhealden
Ramkumar Venkatesh

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