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This page contains the program of the course: lectures, exercise sessions and computer labs. Other information, such as learning outcomes, teachers, literature and examination, are in a separate course PM.


See the separate course website for more course content.


The schedule of the course is in TimeEdit.


See also the course website.

Lecture’s name Number of lecture slots Dates Associated assignment deadline
Introduction 1 1/2 3,4 Sep  
Dev Env 1 1/2 4,10 Sep Mo 16 Sep
Hardware 2 11,17 Sep  
Optimization 2 1/2 18, 25, 26 Sep Mo 30 Sep
Parallel 2 1/2 26 Sep, 1,2 Oct Mo 14 Oct
OpenMP 1 2/3 8,9 Oct Fr 25 Oct
OpenCL 1 2/3 9, 15 Oct Fr 25 Oct (bonus assignment)
MPI 1 2/3 15, 16 Oct Fr 25 Oct (bonus assignment)
free content/ buffer 2 22, 23 Oct  

Recommended exercises

One tutorial/self-assessment page on Using the Linux shell is available inside of Canvas. See the website for the assignments which match the lectures.

Computer labs

See TimeEdit for dates. See the website for the content.

Reference literature:

See the website for the course content.

An overview of the subject is available in T. Sterling, M. Anderson, M. Brodowicz. High Performance Computing.

One essential part of the training is that you learn how to solve specific problems using web resources, because this is how problems are commonly used in real programmer's life. The two most important sources are therefore your favorit search engine and Stackoverflow.

Course Summary:

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