Course syllabus

SSY130 Applied Signal Processing  sp2 HT19 (7.5 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Electrical Engineering

The full course PM: ssy130_course_memo_2019.pdf



Lecture Material

Lecture Materials

Gantt Chart

General consultation times:

Schema konsultationstid 5.png

JL:  Jonathan Lock. Room 7410, EDIT-buildning. Swedish/English.
JK: Jacob Klintberg. Room 7411, EDIT-buildning. Swedish/English.
RS: Romas Sokolovskii. E2 Room 6325 Schrödinger. English. NB! Consultation on December 2 will be held at E2 EDIT room 3364

We encourage you to ask questions that are general and relevant for more students in the discussion forum.
For questions regarding installing/using the DSP-kit, primarily ask Jonathan Lock.

Tutorial Rooms

Event \ Group 1 2 3 4 5 6
T1 week 46 Tue KS101 Tue ES51 Tue ML2 Wed ML1 Wed ML2 Wed ML4
T2 week 49 Tue KS31 Tue ES51 Tue ML2 Wed ML1 Wed ML2 Wed ML4
T3 week 50 Tue KS31 Tue ES51 Tue KS11 Wed ML1 Wed ML2 Wed ML4


Course representatives Johanna Henriksson Wennström Petter Lindesson Revathi Manoharaan Jakob Vinkås

Course summary:

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