Course syllabus


LBT431 Financial and management accounting lp2 HT19 (7.5 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Contact details

  • Henrik Linderoth, Course responsible,
  • Philip Thomas, Work shop 1
  • Fredrik Lundell, Lecturer
  • Viktoria Sundqvist, Examiner,


Course purpose

The aim of the module is that the student shall have a good understanding of the role of financial and management accounting in an organization. The aim is also that the student shall have the ability to participate in a professional way in discussions concerning financial and management accounting issues, and have the ability to participate in a professional way in the financial control and governance in an organization.



Course literature

Accounting for Business, 2ed by Peter Scott, Oxford university press

Also list reference literature, further reading, and other non-mandatory texts.

Course design

The course will be delivered through a mixture of lectures, exercises, seminars and interactive workshops. Lectures will be to used provide information on the different topics in the course. Lectures will also include case exercises accomplished in smaller groups. The case exercises should contribute to a deeper understanding of topics discussed in lectures. Exercises, seminars and workshops will focus on deepening students understanding by the application of methods and techniques discussed in lectures.

For a detailed course planning, see the document "Schedule and reading references LBT431".

Learning objectives and syllabus

Learning objectives:

  • Apply central issues in financial accounting and management accounting and how they are related to the management of projects and project based organizations
  • Synthesise the purpose of management control systems and how management control is implemented
  • Evaluate the differences between financial accounting and management accounting
  • Analyze the relation between the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows
  • Estimate key-ratios and how they can be calculated
  • Synthesise how strategies can be implemented by means of traditional and modern management accounting tools
  • Appraise and justify the processes in which projects are selected and financed
  • Evaluate costs and budgets and apply earned value analysis

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Study plan


Examination form

Examination includes two project assignments with the grade pass or failed and one written examination.

Course summary:

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