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Future visions for healthcare, housing and work 3: Healthcare architecture, ARK263, 2019


  1. Purpose, learning objectives

Designing spaces for healthcare is one of the most complex and therefore challenging architectural design commissions there is. You must be able to handle intricate design tasks in which many and often conflicting parameters have to be prioritized and weighted with many stakeholders involved. In this process you are requested to create a high quality building design coordinating a good, safe and secure patient environment combined with requirements for high-class work conditions, sufficient space for treatment, care logistics, advanced technical systems design etc. Also the urban context of the healthcare facility in focus needs to be considered.

The Healthcare Studio at Chalmers Architecture has a curriculum that is founded on a dedicated pedagogical vision. It combines explorative design exercises with analytical and systematic procedures, literature studies and organized reflection. The Studio works with context-rich "real" commissions that are a part of the planning processes in one Swedish County Council together with clients and users.

The students shall obtain general knowledge about and ability to design large scale, complex and sustainable buildings (healthcare) integrated into the surrounding environment and urban setting. This includes among other aspects.

- Design healthcare facilities that supports sustainable development from environmental, social and economic aspects.
- Work interactively with complex programming, combining spaces for care, patient experience, work environment, logistics and architectural systems thinking.
- Handle a design driven work method for complex commissions.

  1. Examiner and staff

Examiner: Göran Lindahl, GL, 

Head teacher: Cristiana Caira, CC, supervision team 1


Christine Hammarling, CH, supervision team 2

Saga Karlsson, SK, supervision team 1

Lin Tan, LT, supervision team 2

Course admin: Annika Holtringer,

  1. Assignment

See separate document, also to be presented at course start

  1. Deliverables

See separate document, also to be presented at course start

  1. Course literature

See literature folder on Canvas.

  1. Schedule

The schedule cab be found as a document in the files folder. It is based on the phases described below. For lecture room bookings, do also check TimeEdit.

Abbreviations Work Phases

pb= Preparation and Brief

ds= Design Strategies

mcd= Masterplan Concept Design

bcd= Building Concept design

fp= Final Proposal

  1. Development of course

As the course have a new group of teachers and a project different from last year the content and process will be different. In principle the course is the same.

  1. Examination and grades

The course is graded F, 3, 4 and 5. To pass the course all deliverables has to be handed in as well as active participation at critique sessions, workshop and visualization workshop is required.

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