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SJM096 Safety and security officer lp1 HT19 (7.5 hp)

Course is offered by the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Contact details


Lars Axvi,, 031-772 26 35

Del A – AFF

Lars Telestam,, 031-772 26 19

Petter Nystedt,

Del B – SSO

Robert Severin,, 031-772 26 86

Del C – Safety Officer

Lars Axvi,, 031-772 2335

Del D - GOC

johan Gregersson,, 031-7722484



Thomas Andersson Hultan

Måns Schönbeck                 

Jessica Sondell                       

Joel Tappert

Course purpose

The purpose of the course is to establish necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to take command during emergency and crisis situations on board and during search and rescue operations. After completion of the course the student should be able to responsible for security and safety on board.



Course literature

Sjöfartsskydd & ISPS-koden Jure Förlag AB
(ISBN: 978-91-7223-5120)

Sjöfartsskyddsföreskrifter; Jure förlag (ISBN: 978-91-7223-434-5)

International Maritime Organization, International manual for sea and air rescue, Volume III, Mobile Resources (IAMSAR)

Risk management in the national system, a practical guide, AMSA

Handbok utbildningsmetodik, Försvarsmakten, 2013

Course design

Teaching is divided into a series of lectures and exercises both in the simulator and at the training facility.

Exercises at the training facility is not carried out at Chalmers campus.

There are several mandatory learning activities in all parts of the course.

During the practical exercises students must follow specific safety instructions.

Changes made since the last occasion

The course runs for the first time 2019

Learning objectives and syllabus

Part A/Advanced fire fighting (AFF) - 0119

(L1) Explain how the organization, procedures and technical systems are used when controlling fire fighting aboard ships.
(L2) Apply procedures when controlling and commanding fire fighting aboard ships.

Part B/Ship Security officer (SSO) - 0219

(L3) Explain the threats that the ship may be exposed to.
(L4) Explain how hazards and threats can be detected and what actions that should be taken
(L5) Explain the procedure conducting a security assessment for ships
(L6) Explain actions aboard when implementing the ships securty plan.

Part C/Safety officer - 0319

(L6) Understand actions to be taken both preventive and during an emergency on board including damage control
(L7) Conduct a safety exercise recognizing rules, risks and the method of instruction.
(L8) Apply rules and procedures during a search and rescue operation
Part D/General Operators Certificate - 0419
(L9) Apply subsystems within the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) in order to be able to transmit and receive distress, urgency and safety messages

Link to the syllabus on Studieportalen.

Study plan


Examination form

Part A/Advanced fire fighting (AFF) - 0119

Compulsory attendance of lectures and successful completion of the practical exercises.

Part B/Ship Security Officer (SSO) - 0219

Approved submission / task and group work and compulsory attendance at lectures.

Part C/Safety officer - 0319
Successful completion of the practical exercises.
Part D/General Operators Certificate - 0419
Practical examination using GMDSS sub-systems

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