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Tentavakt:  Julie 0317723419. (I am unable to receive text messages at this number, so please no text messages!)


In order to take the exam, you must during the entire exam be connected to the Zoom meeting ’upcoming link’ with the video turned on with you in the picture. You must have your real name stated in the meeting so that the examiner sees this. You can connect from computer or phone. If you have technical problems, contact the examiner by phone or email. You must be logged in with your CID in Zoom via

You must have an id-card next to you during the entire exam period, which is displayed at the start of the exam. To check identity etc. you will be moved to a ”breakout room” in Zoom so you only need to show this to the exam guard.

All aids are allowed, but it is absolutely forbidden to communicate with anyone else during the exam except the examiner and the guard. Therefore, it is prohibited to:

  • use all kinds of headphones or earphones.

  • communicate orally or in writing with persons other than the examiner and exam guard, which of course includes all digital communication methods such as chat or online forums.

  • be in a room with more than one person present, or in a room adjacent to another person’s room unless the door between these rooms is closed. If this is not possible due to quarantine or other circumstances, you must notify the examiner in advance what other people will be present. Under no circumstances are more than one person taking an exam allowed to have direct contact with each other.

  • Upon submission of the exam, you will certify in writing that you have followed these rules. Any suspicion of violating any of these rules will be reported.

  • Procedures for the exam.
  • The Zoom meeting will be open at least 15 minutes before the exam starts so you can join in time.

  • The exam problems are published on Canvas at the start of the exam.

  • Before the start, or in the beginning of the exam you will be invited to a breakout room in Zoom for identity verification.

  • If you have questions for the examiner or exam guard during the exam, please call or email the examiner (number & email above!)

  • If you need to go to the toilet, notify the exam guard when you go and when you come back through a direct message in the chat in Zoom.

  • The exam time is 5 hours plus 30 minutes extra time for submission of solutions.

  • It is not allowed to continue working with the solutions after the end of time. You have a maximum of 30 minutes to submit the solutions. Delayed submission will only be approved if it is due to technical problems, e.g. the pressure on Canvas will be intense so you may have to try more than once to upload. If you are using the phone, a document scanning app should be used (free apps that can be used are CamScanner and Genius scan available for both Android and iOS). The solutions must be submitted as a single pdf file. Test the app you intend to use before the exam so you know how to scan a number of sheets into a single PDF file. As a ”cover page” to the solutions, you should scan a declaration that you have followed the rules of not communicating with anyone during the exam period.

  • Before the exam to avoid extra stress as far as possible:

    • –  Familiarize yourself with Zoom and make sure you understand how the program works so that you can follow the rules above.

    • –  If you plan to use the phone to scan the solutions, download a document scanning app and familiarize yourself with it so you know how to scan a number of sheets into a single pdf file.

    • –  Prepare a cover page that says ”I assure that I did the exam on my own without getting help from any other person and that I formulated all the solutions myself” along with a signature.


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